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Estate Agent focussed Workshop

Shirley Baillie and Meyer de Waal, both well-known on the sectional title environment and Government Subsidies to purchase a property will co-host a workshop focussed to provide information to practising estate agents.

Meyer will focus in how to boost and improve sales with access to Flip subsidies and Shirley on Sectional Title matters.

The workshops will be held on the following days:

• Mowbray 27/28 August
• Blouberg 1/2 September
• Somerset West – Middle September

Says Shirley

Agents selling Sectional Title need to be knowledgeable and familiar with the intricacies of the Sectional Titles Act, its Prescribed Rules, as well as the Conduct Rules of the individual Body Corporate, in order to minimise the risk of being held responsible, e.g., for creating the wrong impression by failing to correct a possible misapprehension on the part of a buyer in terms of the Consumer Protection Act (see below for the relevant clauses).

Since the CPA has been in existence for a couple of years, the public is becoming much more aware of their rights. Cases are starting to appear and lawyers are longing to make a name in this relatively new area of law. Estate Agents are “sitting ducks” for claims.

It is so easy for an Estate Agent to make a mistake if he/she is not aware of the possible pitfalls, or where to find information. As a result, deals get held up with the conveyancer or at the Deeds office frustrating the seller and buyer and doing damage to the Agent’s reputation and cash flow!

So having a sound working knowledge of the Sectional Titles Act is what is needed for Estate Agents who are serious about making a good living in this very fast growing section of property sales.

especially for

This two- morning interactive, training course gives a good understanding of the Sectional Titles Act, introducing & explaining the clauses most relevant to sectional title sales. It makes sectional title understandable, offers many examples and is presented by Shirley Baillie who has been involved in Sectional Title, in many different capacities, for 30 years.
The cost per person is R1500 (no vat) bulk & early bird discounts available!

This will assist with:
• increasing your level of professionalism
• reducing your risk of falling short of the CPA
• minimising problems relating to transfers
• building up your credibility in the S T market
• empowering yourself
• increasing your confidence & understanding of ST complexities

The topics include:
• The background to Sectional Title
• What you own when invest in Sectional Title
• Comparisons between Home Owners and Sectional Title
• Plans & Title Deeds – the important of the information thereon
• The intricacies of Common Property including Exclusive use areas
• The functions and responsibilities of Key Role Players
• How do ST rules relate to tenants
• Managed versus self-managed complexes
• Key aspects of the finances
• Alterations, maintenance and use of sections
• The relevance of The Rules
• Insurance values versus market and municipal values
• Creating awareness of possible pitfalls relating to the CPA

ALSO INCLUDED IN THE PRESENTATION IS AN OVERVIEW ON FINANCIAL FITNESS, presented by lawyer and entrepreneur, Meyer de Waal, designer of the two innovative products Financial Fitness and Rent2Buy which assists people in achieving their dreams of owning property. .Meyer will be giving an insight and understanding of how to assist your customers in accessing the first time home owner’s subsidy which is available from the Government, Great for assisting sales!
All of the above will assist in making more sales possible for YOU – especially with Sectional Title being the prime source of entry into the property market for first time owners.
Learn more, have the tools to assist people to achieve their goals, and you can only increase your earning capacity!
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Real Estate Investor Magazine / Rode Property Conference

As you know Meyer de Waal will be a special guest at the upcoming Real Estate Investor Magazine / Rode Property Conference to be held in Johannesburg in 19 August and Cape Town on 26 August 2015.

We have secured “5 specials” deals and if you book 3 tickets, you can get 2 for free.

» Contact Ray at our office to secure your special booking.

A snippet of what is to come:
Here are the links below to our interview on ‘Ask the Property Experts’ property broadcast on Business Day TV recently as a snippet of what is to come.

Ask the
Property Experts
Looking at where South Africa is on the property clock, Kura Chihota talks to CEO of Rode and Associate, Erwin Rode and specialist property publication founder and Editor in Chief of the Real Estate Investor magazine, Neale Petersen.    view Part 1 »
   view Part 2 »

REAL ESTATE CONFERENCE: Thought Leaders in Real Estate Investment and Education
The annual Rode-REIM Real Estate Conference will again be jointly hosted by Rode and REIM this year and will take place in August in Durban, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town and Windhoek. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned market participant, Rode and REIM bring together the latest world and SA trends, education and thought leadership on real estate and investment. The events are sponsored by Wealth Migrate.

Rode-REIM Real Estate Conference Events 2015

  1. Durban – Half-day Conference – Gateway Hotel – 18 August – Click here for Bookings
  2. Johannesburg – Full-day Conference – Emperors Palace – 19 August – Click here for Bookings
  3. Bloemfontein– Half-day Conference – Ilanga Estate – 21 August – Click here for Bookings
  4. Port Elizabeth– Half-day Conference – Radisson Blu Hotel – 25 August – Click here for Bookings
  5. Cape Town– Full-day Conference – Spier Wine Estate – 26 August – Click here for Bookings
  6. Windhoek– Half-day Conference – Hilton Hotel – 28 August – Click here for Bookings

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