Getting Married – Ante Nuptial contract – Same Sex Marriages

13 Nov
GETTING MARRIED WITH A TWIST – ENDING UP IN JAM OR JAMMING? If I look at the number of Ante Nuptial Agreements that we have prepared for our clients over the past few weeks – it is clear that “wedding fever” is around the corner.

  • If you are about to get married – contact Meyer de Waal ( to discuss the “pros” and “cons” of getting married with or without an ante nuptial agreement. For more information on the various structures – CLICK HERE
  • If you are not quite ready to get married and decide to rather live together – we still suggest that you enter into an agreement – and we will assist you accordingly.
  • Same Sex Marriages. The Civil Union Act 2006 regulates “same sex marriages” – we can assist to prepare your agreement – contact Meyer ( to assist.

DON’T WANT TO HAVE A “STIFF RECEPTION” WAY BUT STILL WANT TO CELEBRATE YOUR UNION? GET INTO A FOOD JAM! Many married couples are tying the knot and having their reception in a non-traditional way – most recently, some couples decided to do away with the formal type of stiff wedding reception and opted instead for a Food Jam. Food Jams are social get-togethers, where cooking is only half the fun and new in-laws and families to get to know each other. The Jams are hosted by Masterchef Season 1 contestant Jade de Waal, who hosts special wedding ceremonies followed by a Food Jam – all at their location in Gardens, InAweStays or of your choice. What is a Food Jam ? To find out what a Food Jam is about, CLICK HERE or HERE

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