5 tips to put you in control of your debt

04 Jun

5 tips to put you in control of your debt

The My Budget Fitness and Rent2buy programmes developed by Meyer de Waal and Juanita van Vuuren are designed to help people first acknowledge their debt situation, then analyse their income and expenses, considering their monthly expenses, their debt repayment obligations, their credit profile and status and then assist them to achieve their goal – either to get out of debt or to reach their goal to own their own home.
With Rent2buy you can secure your own home, even when you have some minor problems to resolve with your credit profile, make use of the current credit amnesty to clear your name and restore your credit profile. You also have the opportunity to save towards a deposit as pert of the rent2buy agreement can include ( terms and conditions apply) that a portion of your rental amount can be allocated to save towards a deposit, all designed to assist your to secure a home loan and or negotiate a better home loan interest rate. Go to for more information. Your will also receive a tool – similar to an “app” to enable you to manage your day to day expenses – your personal budget- from your mobile phone – called Mobile2budget. Any type of mobile phone can use this budget tool. Go to to get more information.
The following article may be of interest –

Cape Town – You are not alone in the debt storm – in fact you are sharing the same problem with nearly 10 million other South Africans.

Admitting your debt situation is the first step to a better financial, emotional and personal life going forward, says in-house debt expert Moeshfieka Botha.

She lists 5 tips to make you feel more in control of your debt.


– Fin24

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  1. houston tx real estate

    10/07/2014 at 9:30 am

    Being in debt is absolutely stressful but it doesn’t have to be forever. Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


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