Oosthuizen & Co Meyer de Waal creating waves within South Africa

25 Jul




From the 2nd of August 2011 until the 4th of August 2011, Meyer de Waal of Property Transaction Kit (PTK) in association with S.A. Home Loans, the Institute of Estate Agents of S.A. (Western Cape) and the Consumer Protector will be conducting seminars in various areas of theWestern Cape.

Attendants can expect presentations on the following:

  • Official view on the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and property transactions, by a representative of the Consumer Protector’s offices;
  • Complete Compliance and disclosure of sales and documents for Buyers, Sellers and Agents, by Meyer de Waal (PTK);
  • What the finance institutions are looking at when they receive a home loan application, by Gustav Zwiegelaar (S A Home Loans);
  • What happens when a bond is declined?- can we save the deal?, by Solly Molefe CEA Setsmol Training ( Home Ownership Education for 2 major banks)

Due to the interesting and relevant nature of the above presentations, all three venues were 120% booked within 3 days and are all therefore full.

Congratulations to all those involved in putting these seminars together.

To our readers, we promise to provide you with a report on how the seminars go and other related, relevant information and/or news.

For more information on the PTK, click on the following link:


A huge congratulations to MBF- after 2 and 1/2 years of slaving away in trying to put all the structures required for the effective running of MBF, Rent2Buy and Mobile2Budget into place, things are starting to look up; all the hard labour and perseverance is paying off

MBF has been appointed by one ofSouth Africa’s prominent banks to assist with their declined bond applications. MBF will take these applicants, rehabilitate them and get them back to a position where they will be able to get their bond applications approved.

If you are having issues with your bond applications and/or want to manage your finances better, please do not hesitate to contact Meyer de Waal ( Alternatively, take a look at the following websites for more information:



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