Authenticating Foreign Documents

15 Jun



Signing documents the right way outside ofSouth Africafor use inside the country can be a daunting process to many. Anything from deeds and wills, affidavits, agreements, mandates and powers of attorney have to be “legalized” in order to ensure that they can be used for their intended purpose back home.

 It is imperative that all documents are signed and authenticated properly in order to avoid delays and keep costs to a minimum.

 If the authenticated document is intended for use in a foreign country, which is a party to the multilateral treaty on ‘legalization’ of documents, the “Hague Legalization Convention, obtaining an apostille (a special certificate) is generally all that is required. A document bearing an apostille is valid in all ofthe Hague.

Basically any document can be Legalised or Authenticated as long as it can be proven that it is a legal document and the prescribed process is followed.

 Herewith Examples of documents that can be Apostille, Legalised or Authenticated

Adoption Certificates, Affidavits, Deeds & Wills., Agreements & Mandates, Apprenticeship & Indenture Certificates, Awards, Degrees, Diplomas & Transcripts, Baptism & Confirmation Certificates, Bills of Sale & Proof of Ownership, Birth, Marriage & Death certificates., Books & Novels , (Decree Nisi/Absolute & Annulment), Company Certificates & Articles of Memorandum, Copyright Testimonies, Ebooks (printed hard copies), Executor of Will Confirmation, Judgments & Edicts, Indemnity Certificates, Notary Oaths , Passports, Permits & Identity Documents, Plans & Schematics, Power of Attorney & Letters of Authorization, Police Clearance Certificates, Private papers & Letters of Administration, Representative family tree parchments

 For more information on how the authentication process works and for a list of officials who can authenticate documents abroad please contact our offices.

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